Dr. Mikaelian began his investigation into the therapeutic potential of Blue Scorpion Venom in 2004, convinced that it held promise as a valuable organic compound when combined with his unique polarization technology. In 2008, he signed a joint investigation agreement with the Ministry of Environment and Bio Diversity of the Dominican Republic to explore the medicinal properties of several scorpion species endemic to the country

In 2010, Medolife received its first registration for Escozine™ in the Dominican Republic, followed by a full patent in 2012 (United States patent # 8,097,284 B2). This exclusive patent license has enabled the development of a new generation of nutraceuticals and drugs utilizing Medolife's polarization technology for higher potency bioactive peptides.

In 2017, Dr. Arthur Mikaelian signed an exclusive agreement with the Dominican Government after a decade of joint research and development of the Blue Scorpion Venom.

Escozine™ has been certified for oncological treatment by the Minister of Health in the Dominican Republic and is currently registered and sold in six countries (Dominican Republic, Vietnam, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, and Armenia), as well as being sold in the United States as a nutraceutical.